Hello Seniors 2020!!!


We are so excited about Senior Year 2020. We have some really amazing plans for the upcoming Senior sessions- including new backgrounds in our studio and on locations.

We are a full service boutique studio offering unique and cutting edge products custom designed for your personality and style. We have custom graduation announcements, storybook albums as unique as you, custom collages, gallery wraps, iphone covers, metal art prints, and DVD slideshows.

We can't wait to meet with you and have the opportunity to create amazing portrait sessions that combine your unique interests, personality, and traits with our love of Senior portrait photography. So many great things on the horizon! 



Basic session        $40.00

One outfit.....Packages start at $159.95.....$100.00 deposit

Simple yet perfect to capture a classic yearbook tux/drape and casual pose.


Essential Session            $50.00

Two outfits.....Packages start at $349.95 ........$150.00 deposit

Multiple poses and backgrounds available.


Art Session                 $65.00

Two outfits...........Packages start at $425.95............$200.00 deposit

We'll do it all from close-ups to full length poses. Bring an instrument, hobby, or uniform at no additional cost.


Designer I                     $75.00

Four Outfits...........Packages start at $499.95..........$200.00 deposit

Plan on having a blast as we capture images inside the studio and downtown with our old building backgrounds and grunge alley for a unique look.


Designer II                               $85.00

Three Outfits indoor and Two outfits Outdoors........ Packages starts at $699.95..................$250.00 deposit

Our most popular session. We'll start in the studio with an artistic yet modern edge. Next we'll head to our outside location where there we can capture beautiful images outdoors that give you that casual but classic look. Plan your session for early morning around 9:00 a.m. or later in the afternoon at 3:00 p.m. Prepare to be at your session for a few hours.


Ultimate                       $105.00


Up to 4 outfits indoor and two outfit changes outdoors..............Packages start at $799.95............$300.00 deposit

This is the "Ultimate" photo session in reflecting your creativity and individuality. With a consultation with the photographer, we will plan a session that you have always dreamed of. We will load up our equipment, drive up to 20 miles from our studio and let you help us plan your perfect session. 



Packages start at $159.95 and go up. We have packages to suit everyone's needs, but be aware that most of our clients want the full-treatment....graduation cards, announcements, DVD slideshows, wall portraits, wallets, and custom collages. So, if you've heard we are expensive, it's because our clients usually want everything. Call our studio and we will be glad to go over our packages and decide which session and packages you are more comfortable with.



What time should I arrive for my session? Arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment. Be advised there is almost always someone scheduled after you; therefore, if you are late it will cut into your allotted session time.

 What about clothing? Our style focuses on "you" so the clothing is secondary. Unlimited clothing changes becomes more about changing clothes than focusing on how to photograph your face in the best possible light. Plus, with more changes you spend less time in front of the camera and more time in the changing room. That's why our sessions have specific amounts of time and clothing changes. We want to focus on making you look awesome in your photographs.

Additional Clothing changes require a $20 charge per outfit.

What will my session be like? In a word..... "FUN" you might be a little nervous at first, everybody is, but not for long. Our friendly atmosphere will have you relaxed in no time.

Do my outfits have to be dress code? We suggest that you bring at least one outfit that is dress code. The others can be your own personal style or taste in clothing. Bring a variety of styles ex: dresses, casual, fun, or sports attire.

What about my hair and make-up? Girls, this is your big day-get your hair and make-up done professionally if possible. You won't be sorry.

Breakout Blues? No need to fret; all of your images will be retouched, so if your complexion breaks out right before your session, don't worry.

Can I bring a guest or pet along?  Our Designer II allows you to bring along a pet for a few shots, but keep in mind, this is a time for us to capture your absolute best images, so the less distractions, the better. We want to focus completely on you!

What if it rains? We are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Do not worry if it rains, we will reschedule for a different day.

When will I place my order?  Your images will be ready for viewing within two weeks after your session. All orders are placed on that day, so bring an adult with you that can help with your decisions.

How do I pay and how much will I be spending? Think of it as three easy payments. You will pay a deposit the day of your appointment, a second deposit the day of your "Presentation Show"  and a final payment when your order is complete(which usually takes about 2 to 4 weeks). You are in complete control- you choose your session and package price that best suits your needs. Session fees are due at time of booking.