Baby Club

Included with this year-long package are six photo sessions which documents your child at three months (tummy time), at six months (when the baby is able to sit alone), nine months (when the baby can stand alone), at his or her first birthday, eighteen months, and twenty four months. What better way to capture these special milestones in two years of whirlwind changes.


Program Details

6 Sessions over the first two years.

At the end of the two years we offer year-end products highlighting your ordered images from each session.

All appointments must be scheduled at time of plan purchase.

Parents or siblings may be included in the session, however there will be a minimum order of $255.95 and will include one outfit of family.

Sessions may be up-graded to an on location session for a minimum order of $425.95

All orders must be placed and paid on time to keep membership active.

Baby Club and discounted packages will end 30 days after his/her first birthday

The baby Club also offers fantastic added incentives and popular year-end gifts with purchase, making it our most fun, rewarding and memory making experience! Please inquire to learn all about our well-loved program. 

Membership Fee is due at time of booking and a deposit is due at the session.