Newborn photography is done within the first 2 weeks of birth. The best thing about photographing babies at this age is their amazing flexibility. We can safely maneuver the little bundle into the most precious little balls and achieve poses not possible after two weeks.

Book your sessions during your last trimester to ensure you are committed and don't have to make arrangements after the birth.

Newborn photography always gets priority, as the window of opportunity is smaller than with the older baby photography. If we have made all the practical arrangements before hand, the new sleep-deprived Mommy has less to worry about!

Every baby is different and Mommy will know what time of day is best. The ideal time of day is when baby is sleepy, mid-mornings are generally a good time. We want a sleepy, well-fed( usually works best if you feed the baby after you arrive at the studio) baby for our shoot.


Session Fees

Cherished Session                     $50.00

(Parents may be added in this session, minimum order$249.95)

  Basic Session          $40.00

(This session includes one background and the baby only, with a minimum order of $149.95)

Baby Club Membership

Membership             $95.00

       Session Fees are due at time of booking. Deposits are due at session.